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Peixos Pilar is a fishmonger located in Palamós. Its objective, its philosophy, is to bring fish to homes, in an affordable and easy way.

It all started around 1920, when Josep Arxé fished and sold fish. By marrying our grandmother Corona, the sale of fish prospered as a business.

Then the fish was sold in La Bisbal and not many years later, he began to run La Pilar, the daughter of the Crown. And it was like that until Grandmother Corona retired to make way for her daughter Pilar in charge of the business, along with her daughter Montse, the current visible face of Peces Pilar. With her, you will always find also in Rosa, a friend and colleague from the age of 16.


Video edition

Our Strategy

Peixos Pilar
December 25, 2021


the new product

The Peixos Pilar team contacted us to edit a Christmas spot.

We work closely with the Peixos Pilar team and, based on its essence, we edit the spot, with the aim of standing out from the competition.


Spot Peixos Pilar Christmas 2021

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