8 reasons why you need a chatbot on your website

The chatbot they are a new marketing tool that can favor your brand using very few resources. They provide a very effective way of interact with the client continuously, regardless of the time or day. All at a very low cost, especially compared to human agents.

As you can see, the chatbots offer many advantages in front of a human agent behind the screen. Still not convinced to implement a chatbot on your business website? We will guide you through the 8 benefits that chatbots can have for your online store, restaurant, etc.


Benefits of chatbots

1. Chatbots are always available

The first benefit is that they can work 24 hours a day 7 days a weekregardless of the state or the weather.

A study by Super Office found that 88% customers expect a response from companies in less than 60 minutes, and 30% customers expect a response in 15 minutes or less. The ability to respond quickly to customers is the most important attribute in delivering a good customer experience.

Chatbots are very useful in a globalized world where customers expect quick responses.

2. They can speak several languages

If your company operates internationally, it is important that the chatbot is programmed to speak in all the languages in which you act.

3. They can chat with multiple customers at once

A chatbot with enough resources can answer unlimited requests at the same time. Responses can be automated in order to free up worker time and focus on more important tasks. A person, on average, can make between 3 and 4 requests at the same time.

4. They analyze the data and collect it to improve

It's very important learn how customers use and interact with the chatbot for such to get better over time. Analyzing the most requested questions and data, the average response time, among others, is very important to improve.

5. They can automate processes

chatbots can automate repetitive tasks like answering frequently asked questions, send invoices and data to the client, and much more. Chatbots are much simpler than a human agent, but they save a lot of time.

6. They are not subject to mood swings

It doesn't matter if a support team member is on leave, a chatbot is always on.

Similarly, chatbots are also not subject to mood swings. According to a study conducted by microsoft, a 56% of customers have stopped buying products or services from companies that have poor customer service.

7. Learn from the audience and save time

Depending on the questions that the customer asks or the type of operations that the chatbot must carry out, it can learn to prioritize on others in the following occasions and thus save time.

8. Give information about the company

Chatbots can also give essential information about the company or reply to frequent questions to save human agents time. It is simple information that does not need to be transmitted by a human.


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