At InterHuge, our mission is to make web design easy so you can focus on building your brand. We are always looking for our next best piece, which means we are constantly working to improve our creations.

Web design

The InterHuge team understands that a great website is not just about looks (although this certainly helps), website design must take into account other factors such as usability, user interface and journey, goals and objectives, target markets and location. .

We pride ourselves on producing highly attractive, aesthetically impressive and conversion-focused designs that achieve results.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a low-cost, high-performance engagement tool that attracts businesses. It is a proven medium that allows you to maintain and develop relationships within a group of consumers who have already shown interest in your business. A 20% is growing year over year with recent research suggesting that it is  40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter .


This defines how your online store visitors find and locate the products they are looking for, interact with them, add them to their shopping cart, and finally make a purchase. Creating a smooth user journey will help maximize conversions and provide an e-commerce experience that visitors find intuitive and rewarding.  Here we provide an overview of how we approach ecommerce web design and development and the areas that need to be discussed.

User experience

Before starting any website design or app development project, we'll create detailed wireframes for the entire site architecture, allowing you to visualize the sitemap and features. Wireframes allow us to analyze the site from the end-user perspective, spotting potential issues before moving on to the more time-consuming design, front-end coding, and back-end development phases.

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