Ways to keep your information safe

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the computer where you have all your information has crashed or you have forgotten it at home, making you unable to work? Have you ever lost all the information you had and had to go to a technician who asked you for almost more than the cost of the computer?

In the past, we had our information stored on pen drives or hard drives, but over time we have been able to verify how these tools have turned out to be unstable and also break down, meaning that the initial objective of protecting the information is not fulfilled.



Currently one of the best ways to keep information safe is to use cloud services offered by both Microsoft, used mainly in Windows (OneDrive) and by Apple, used mainly in iOS and Mac OS (iCloud), these services allow you to save all your information in a cloud that you can access from anywhere, meaning that having your physical computer is not the key to being able to work with your information. These services are generally free up to a certain capacity, but they are really useful and very easy to set up.

Really in the world of technology you have to be very up to date, so you have to follow the wave or you will possibly be out of date very quickly.

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