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At InterHuge, our mission is to make the digital life of companies easier. We have many years of experience in web design and development and creative photographers with long careers, among others. We also offer drone recording services, creation of 360° virtual tours with the Matterport platform, development of applications for mobile devices and computers, complete photography and video service, branding, graphic design, creation and reform of personal branding, among others. .




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With more than 8 years of experience in the sector, in 2021 I founded InterHuge with the aim of connecting with each business or person, understanding their needs as closely as possible. Little by little we have expanded our team, creating a small family where collaboration and hard work is the key.

We take the necessary time to understand your brand, and after a previous analysis we will get down to work to jointly create great products.

Joan Cama – CEO

The team

Meet Our Team of Professionals.

Designer and founder


I'm Joan, designer, programmer and sports lover. My passion is creating complete digital experiences that help entrepreneurs and businesses to have a memorable online presence.

I help individuals and companies to believe in 100% in their projects and make them grow as much as possible through digital tools. All with the aim of putting an end to neglected websites and without a strategy to reinvent brands, this is what really fills me and makes me happy.

The truth is that I refuse to allow entrepreneurs with fascinating projects and with so much desire to contribute to society to be left in the shadows because of a poorly made virtual showcase (website).

My goal is that when you decide to take the step of formalizing your project, you can create the best possible site on the internet (the website), betting on you. This will mean that you are committed and that you BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR PROJECT, despite feeling fear and uncertainty at first.

What's more, it will be a pleasure to accompany you to create a complete and magnetic digital experience. A website that CONNECTS with your ideal client, TRANSMITS professionalism and security and GUIDE easily and clearly the end user towards your services and/or product in the best possible way.

Personal Brand & Photographer


I'm Fiona, a photographer specializing in personal branding for women.

I started in photography looking for a new way to express my creativity and, shortly after, my friends and colleagues began to ask me for photos for their websites and social networks.

I guess that's why I experience sessions with my clients like a friend would, someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

This is how those images that transmit and move arise.

Authentic photographs that will make you feel comfortable with yourself and with your brand or project.

Back End Programmer


Victor Zalabardo, Computer Engineering student born in Barcelona. Since I was little I have been attracted to computers and the advancement of new technologies.

Because of my artistic concern, I learned to design and develop videogames, this being an immense and experimental field where I can express my creativity together with my programming knowledge, thus combining art and logic.

Every game is a world, I enjoy creating that world and seeing how others play in it.

The team

Meet Our Collaborators.

Internship & Editor


Mireia Lara, student of the double degree in economics and business administration, has graduated from various communication and digital strategy courses. He became interested in the world of marketing a few years ago, and over time he has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to collaborate on quality projects.

Passionate about marketing and communication, she transmits ideas with clarity, confidence and above all, creativity. Edit images with idea and taking care of the nature of the brand.



Joan Carol was born in Palamós, a fishing village on the idyllic Costa Brava. One of his first gifts in his early childhood was a film camera of the time. With her he began to see the world from a small lens. Little by little, what his eyes saw through the lens became a hobby that ended up becoming his vocation and profession. His first great international leap was in Korea, arriving to exhibit at Jeonju International Fest. Also appearing in different press media and internet pages including Medium, Design you trust, Chiiz Magazine. Photogrist Magazine, Braut, etc.

Without a doubt, Joan Carol is an artist who stands out for the ode she dedicates to the 5 elements. In his photographs / works we can identify the passion and strength of the elements: fire, sea, air or earth intermingle between his artistic photos, creating a thousand stories in the eyes of the observer. Its objective: to capture the beauty of the deepest feelings and emotions of the soul.

Filmmaker & Photographer


Born on February 17, 2001 in Palafrugell, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Since I was little I have lived the world of photography from very close and soon it became one of my passions. Seeing how audiovisual education was proposed thanks to my sister, helped me define what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

Little by little I was acquiring material to improve my editing techniques. It was 2019 when I started my degree in audiovisual production and shows. I soon learned to edit with different softwares like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or DaVinci Resolve.

These years of experience have helped me to identify my own editing style and begin to enter the world of work as a filmmaker and collaborating with various companies.

At the television level, I also started in 2020 as a camera operator for live events on TV Costa Brava, where I still work today.


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