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Soy Fiona, fotógrafa especialista en marca personal para mujeres.

Empecé en la fotografía buscando una nueva forma de expresar mi creatividad y, al poco tiempo, mis amigas y compañeras empezaron a pedirme fotos para sus webs y redes sociales.

Supongo que por eso vivo las sesiones con mis clientas como lo haría una amiga, alguien en quien confías y con quien te sientes cómoda.

Así es como surgen esas imágenes que transmiten y emocionan.

Fotografías auténticas que te harán sentir a gusto contigo misma y con tu marca o proyecto.



Joan Carol was born in Palamós, a fishing village on the idyllic Costa Brava. One of his first gifts in his early childhood was a film camera of the time. With her he began to see the world from a small lens. Little by little, what his eyes saw through the lens became a hobby that ended up becoming his vocation and profession. His first great international leap was in Korea, arriving to exhibit at Jeonju International Fest. Also appearing in different press media and internet pages including Medium, Design you trust, Chiiz Magazine. Photogrist Magazine, Braut, etc.

Without a doubt, Joan Carol is an artist who stands out for the ode she dedicates to the 5 elements. In his photographs / works we can identify the passion and strength of the elements: fire, sea, air or earth intermingle between his artistic photos, creating a thousand stories in the eyes of the observer. Its objective: to capture the beauty of the deepest feelings and emotions of the soul.

Filmmaker & Fotógrafo


Born on February 17, 2001 in Palafrugell, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Since I was little I have lived the world of photography from very close and soon it became one of my passions. Seeing how audiovisual education was proposed thanks to my sister, helped me define what I wanted to dedicate myself to.

Little by little I was acquiring material to improve my editing techniques. It was 2019 when I started my degree in audiovisual production and shows. I soon learned to edit with different softwares like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or DaVinci Resolve.

These years of experience have helped me to identify my own editing style and begin to enter the world of work as a filmmaker and collaborating with various companies.

At the television level, I also started in 2020 as a camera operator for live events on TV Costa Brava, where I still work today.


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