Introduction to persuasive communication

In this course on vocal technique you will work on how to use your voice to get your message across and better sell your own ideas.

Total Duration: 5 hours


Start: 07/26/21

Introduction to persuasive communication

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High school and college students:

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Learn to overcome communication barriers. Learn to read non-verbal communication, to convey the message clearly. Learn to know yourself better, to communicate in person and online. To gain empathy by putting yourself more in the place of the spectator. Improve your verbal and non-verbal language.

what you will learn

  • Anatomy and mechanics of the voice.
  • Body awareness and energy.
  • Phonation. More adequate phonation techniques to communicate.
  • Hygiene of the voice. Timbre, tone and intensity.
  • The pace and speed of speech.
  • The voice in different settings: in public, in a small group, intimate communication ...
  • The emotion in communication.
  • Discover your own voice through the Wilfart technique.

Who is it for?

All those interested in improving their way of communicating through voice.



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