Renewal of the corporate image



Maria herguedas




Custom web design, SEO, Corporate image

Maria Herguedas is a lawyer linked to the world of law since 2014.
Since he started his law career, it was clear that his thing was to help others and try to SOLVE PROBLEMS, and he understands that every day is a challenge and that in this world we must not stop learning for a single day, just as each case must be treated as unique.


Custom web design
Web positioning (SEO)
Corporate image

Our Strategy

Maria herguedas
June 1, 2021


the new product

Attorney Maria Herguedas contacted us to design the new website to represent the services they offer and reach a wider audience.

We work closely with Maria and, based on her essence, we designed a website with a remarkable visual appearance, with the aim of standing out from the competition.

Renewal of the corporate image

Maria herguedas

The team



Creative director

Joan Cama

UI / UX Director

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