Renewal of the corporate image

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Do you like the sea, the lightness of sea life and moving freely? You, Me & The Sea nautical bracelets are made for you!

Create your own bracelet! We developed the option to choose from more than 60 colors of ropes and combine them with the different shades of anchors and hooks.

With their minimalist style and modern colors, these bracelets are your must-have fashion accessory.

Its simplicity and nautical character give it an elegant, modern and timeless style.
They can be worn by both women and men on all occasions.


Custom web design
Web positioning (SEO)
Corporate image

Our Strategy

You, Me & The Sea
June 1, 2021


the new product

The You, Me & The Sea team contacted us to design the new website to represent the services they offer and reach a wider audience.

We work closely with the You, Me & The Sea team and, based on its essence, we designed a website with a remarkable visual appearance, with the aim of standing out from the competition.

Renewal of the corporate image

You, Me & The Sea

The team



Creative director

Joan Cama

UI / UX Director

InterHuge Team

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